Hi I'm Bhagi SIva a Travel and Documentary Photographer from Sydney, Australia. My body of work usually revolves around the way we live, the way we lived, the way we are going to live and how we are connected to the world around us by what we are doing. When I don't shoot then I would probably spend my time thinking about that vibrant old culture, a rural village, a stranger with a great sense of gossip and a sunrise over the valley of rivers and rice fields. 

I have won few awards from the handful of contests I have entered as I don't usually shoot for the awards, rather to the likes of my mind and my dreams. Nevertheless in the recent past I was a shortlisted finalist in the prestigious Travel photographer of the year 2017 (TPOTY) contest, just for bragging.

Please complete the form in the contact page for any requests/questions. Meanwhile please visit the Travel and Stories section of this website for an amazing experience around the world.

Happy Life !